Chipmunk bell with flower design String on the inside
Miniature pigs Has the hole at the bottom
I have 129 Vintage Baseball Cards all in great to good condition. This is an awesome lot and I will not separate any of them. Only interested people. I have started looking them up on eBay and Etsy and the first 10 are selling for over 700.00. Please only reasonable offers.
Antique couch
nice piece has etched mirror and lots of space inside
Moving into weeks must sell
Vintage dishes. OBO
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Pink) (1994). Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Yellow) (1994). Both in original boxes. Excellent condition.
1 each - New York Yankees Barbie (1999) 1 each - Chicago Bulls Barbie (1998) 1 each - Detroit Pistons (1998) Excellent Condition (In original boxes)
12 Different GI Joe - All in original boxes, excellent condition. Soldiers of the World (Vietnam War) - Cavalry (1998), Airborne (1998), Pathfinder (1998). Adventures of GI Joe 2010 Operation - Midnight Recon (2000). US Serviceman Memorial Collection (Airborne) Vietnam War (1996). US Army Drill SGT (1997) US Army Cold-weather (1998) US Navy Blue Angel (1997) USMC Force Recon (1997) US Army Foot...
4 Little Debbie Dolls in original boxes. Excellent condition. Collector Edition (1992) Series II (1995) Series III (1997) Special Edition (2001)
1 each - Esmeralda (1995) 1 each - Gypsy Dancing Esmeralda (1995) 1 each - Phoebos (1995) 1 each - Magic View Quasimodo (1995) Excellent Condition (In original boxes)
Little Debbie (Barbie) Collector's Edition Series III - Figurine Set (1998)
Absolutely stunning. Perfect condition. Measures 34 inches tall (68 inches with mirror) by 38 inches long by 17 inches wide. Come see for yourself at Rockin Rooster Ridge located at 106 E McClurg, Richland, Missouri from Thursday to Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM. Free 60 day lay-a-way. Terms apply. First come first served basis. Please, no holds. Please note that this is listed on several sites.
Antique china hutch in excellent condition. Measures 13.5 deep at widest point, 49.5 wide and 69.5 tall. You have to pick up...Located in Lebanon!
Antique bed with matching chest of drawers and dresser with mirror
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